My Disney.

My Limited Edition Ariel. Ain’t she beautiful? 

She’s has the same body mould as the Bride Rapunzel (see my later post about her). Her hair is very long and wavy and it’s glued that way at the bottom which is …..weird. As I was posing her, bits of her hair was separating from the waves so now it looks a little strange. She has a cute blue starfish on her hair which is an adorable edition.

Her bra top is lovely and detailed but be careful when taking her out of the packaging as it’s attached to her torso with elastic. The tail is designed to be like large scales and they are a different shade depending which way you are looking at them, which looks really awesome. The fins are a lighter green with green diamantes and they are adjustable, which means you can pose her in a swim pose or just have her upright.

I have always had issues with the eyelashes on these special edition dolls as I don’t believe they need them or give them any more glamour. Though they are nice, I don’t think they really need them. My doll also has strange brownish marks on both of her arms which wont come off which is a little annoying. But apart from these little issues, she really is a beautiful doll and I’m very glad I bought her :)