My Disney.

Sorry some of the pictures are a little blurry but I was taking them as I went.

This is my Singing Ariel doll from the Disney Store bought in August 2013. She stands 16” tall and comes with two outfits (as you can see in the picture). As well as the outfits, she comes with purple and blue hair accessories, a jewelled purple hair brush and little figures of Sebastian and Flounder.

I love her as when you touch her left hand she sings parts of 'Part Of Your World'I was pleasantly surprised about this as the sound quality is actually really good. Every singing doll I had as a child sounded like they had recorded it off of a VHS of the film from across the room. But this is actually very good! She has brilliantly poseable hair (as weird as that sounds!) and the dress (which is the one she is wearing as she walks out of the ocean at the end of the film) is my favourite outfit of hers as she looks so stunning and grown up ^_^ 

There are a few things I don’t like about this dolls. She has the exact same face mould as the special edition Ariel (see earlier post) but with a little less paint. It’s wonderfully painted but it seems a little lazy since she cost nearly a 1/4 of the special edition doll. Having said that, the face is lovely, so I don’t really mind. Another thing is that she has very little articulation in her arms. She has joints at the shoulders so you can move them up and down as normal. Yet at the elbows you can only bend them in or out a little so you can’t really pose her in a normal position. 

All in all, she is really lovely doll and I’m really glad I decided to get her! Both outfits are lovely, the accessories are fun, and a little thing that I love is that she hasn’t got any shoes included (every doll has shoes even when they don’t wear them, like Rapunzel and Pocahontas) which is a lovely attention to detail. 

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